Monday, August 2, 2010

Quilter's Weekend Away

The Weekend at The Hermitage at Mittagong was wonderful. I finished off my Stable Bag, and covered my little carry bag with fabric. I also worked on Alison's baby quilt.

Looking out over the paddocks early in the morning with the sun shining through the trees was just so uplifting. The wind became stronger on Saturday night and Sunday was very cold with a high wind chill. Definately coat and scarf weather.

We will definately have to go back down to Mittagong to do a shop crawl, we didn't have time to check them all out.


Cheryll said...

Your weekend sounded GREAT but I wanted to ask about something you wrote in Dec 2004 re sending "Blankets of Love" to a Sydney hospital. I read about this wonderful idea some years ago in AP&Q competition but could never find out where to send any blankets I made....So my question is: do you still belong to the group that sends them off? I would love to donate one from time to time so I need a contact. Hope to hear from you. Cheryll S

Jo said...

Cheryll sorry I have only today read your comment! My group Eastwood Patchwork Quilters has links to three local hospitals but you should contact your local Hospital Welfare officer, or similar and ask if they would accept your offerings. Some hospitals don't handle many maternity cases so don't have much call, but they all handle misscarrage cases and they might appreciate the support.