Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in July

As moderators of Wednesday Night group of Eastwood Patchwork Quilters, Veronica and I kept this group on their toes. Our calander became a little crowded so we had "Christmas in July" in September! We posted personal invitations to each member requesting their presence with a 'secret' gift to exchange. Little did they know all were asked to make a pin cushion! Here we see members discussing how to put together the pieces of the mystery block, (we added one extra piece to the bag to make it interesting!) Then we challenged the experts to wrap two plastic footballs in a minimum sized piece of very shiny paper, which was provided. Much fun was had by all.

The Fur Children

Our Scottish Terriers, Kilty in Traditional Black and Heather in Recessive Wheaten. Kilty is male without his bits, and is the family protector. He is the lookout with a Big bark but would lick to death any intruder. Heather is a real woman (bitch). She is convinced only other dogs are for the outside, she belongs inside, in comfort!

Bags by the non-Bag Lady

I had only made a few simple tote bags until recently when I tried a simple pattern from a link on the Craft Forum. Here are two I have made, a Tote with pockets and a Tub Bag. The third is a little cosmetic bag/purse style from Quilting Arts Magazine. I have given away two of these which I embellished before completing.

I bought a mould set for a gingerbread house this year and baked the pieces on the weekend before falling ill. Linda had great fun putting it together and decorating it. The boys had fun eating it!

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas was great with Linda and Hayden and Riley with us to open Santa presents! Here Hayden and Mummy are "jamming" while Riley sorts out some stickers. The drum kit sits idle for the moment.