Monday, September 26, 2011

Before I start on the Kaffe Fassett quilt, I wanted to practice my applique so I started this piece for a cushion. I have since decided to add extra borders and make a small quilt. I have to order extra striped fabric from Essenhaus Quilt Shop.

We have been watching Annette stitching her yellow and red applique

We got a chance to see the blocks together on the wall, fantastic.

Jill put her blocks up on the wall for everyone to see.

Weekend Away 2011

Days after returning from the USA I joined the EPQ girls for the Weekend Away in the hills behind the Central Coast.Beautiful scenery and wonderful venue.

I got Tom's quilt together.
A great effort, it has been so long comming


Skyline from the Museum.

From the overpass.

From the river.

CHICAGO 2011. What a beautiful city. We visited the Art Museum, went on an architechtural river cruise and SHOPPED.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One year on.

David & I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on April 17th. What a great year with my wonderful man.
Our next adventure is a trip to America in June. When the work trip was cancelled my darling suggested we go for a holiday anyway!
We are setting out for Chicago and will drive around those lovely Amish areas in Indiana. This will require a lot of research on the web!

The hungry Caterpillar Quilt label

Ladies who shop in Melbourne.

Six ladies from EPQ took a trip to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Convention. A great time was had by all.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Harry's Quilt

When we were going to fly overseas I needed some hand work to keep me occupied on the flight. Two days before, I went to Material Obsessions to buy some bright fabrics for a baby quilt for my friend Alison. I started the quilt then but only finished it recently and gave it to Harry who arrived befor we got back from our trip in September.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Challenge of a bag

While at Mittagong I also covered a little carry bag with fabric with hat boxes on it. The carry bag is a small Woolies type bag from a candle shop it is just the right size for a project.
Our EPQ Newsletter editors set a bag challenge for us early in the year and I started but didn't complete within the time frame. It is now complete with something square, made of a fabric I don't usually use, something from nature, a hint of Christmas green, a found object and lined with a fabric reflecting my personality!

Project photos

At one of our Saturday Social "Quilt Ins" some of us decided to make a Stable bag. "Stable" because it sits up on the table without falling over. Mine was finished at our Weekend Away at Mittagong.

Journey to the end of the earth?

We bought a Navagation system before we went overseas and uploaded the software for the countries we were visiting. It was a wonderful way to go, maps are helpful too but "SatNavSal" took us everywhere we wanted to go. Of course telling her we wanted to take the most direct route was not always the most practical thing to do as you can see in this photo. This "road" was on the most direct route and was barely wide enough for our little car. I was very afraid we might meet one of the enormous tractors we had seen working the fields, thank goodness they had more sense!

I saw Peter Rabbit!

As we travelled towards the Lake District we came across signs to Beatrix Potter's house. It was holiday time so all tickets for tours of the house had been sold out hours before. It is only small and only a limited number of people are allowed in at a time. We were allowed to walk around the house and the surrounding village which Miss Potter bought up and donated to the National Trust. I saw a rabbit which I am sure was Peter or maybe one of his cousins. He wasn't in the garden but in the field nearby.

Looking up and down in York!

One of our 'must see' spots was York, a wonderful city. I was overcome by the history around us. A tour of the cathedral was beautifully presented by one of the volunteer guides. I had to have a photo of the ceiling of the dome, a wonderful quilt pattern if ever I saw one. The tiles on the floor also will appear at a later date in a quilt block!

Leaving the Country

Our long awaited overseas honeymoon eventuated in August. We flew to Manchester and travelled through The Lakes District, Wales, across the Bristol Channel and down through the English countryside and across to the East coast to Dover. After a stopover with Peter and Sue, crossed the English Channel to France. A new hire car and we were off to see northern France. Battlefields of both World Wars, Gardens of Monet and Versailles, then into Paris. Four glorious days in Paris then flew home. Four weeks of wonderful experiences which ended far too quickly.